First, there was nothing,

Then we said, “let there be music!”

When notes were at a chaotic state in the primordial soup at the dawn of time, against all odds and during the toughest of times, the balance was restored by the gravitational power awakening the force. To hinder musical transgression, those who showed an outstanding aptitude assembled.

The life of a musician is one of sacrifice. From the beginning of their existence, they adhered to a strict code that enforced irrational thought, impatience with bad music and/or musicians, and an extreme rebellious nature.
Uncomfortable emotions such as hate, anger, jealousy, and fear are destructive and lead to the dark side of really really bad music, however, such idiosyncrasies fuel them. They are the Musicians, the only Jadies in existence!
Here’s to the ones who play music from within. It is in our genetic make-up, rooted deeply in our souls.

Hasan Hatrash

Lead Guitar and Vocals

Hasan is the quintessential musician and showman! His energy and charisma are contagious. He has no discrimination between instruments; If it makes music, he will play it with great command. Next to being our lead guitarist, Hasan plays bass, drums, piano -pretty much all string instruments, harmonica in addition to several thousand other ethnic and obscure instruments fluently.
I mean fluently!
At the moment, Hasan is exploring human cloning options.

Khalid Sharani

Bass Guitar and lousy backup vocals

Nothing but trouble! Don’t be deceived by his 90’s sense of fashion, Khalid’s passion for music started at a very early age. Throughout his musical journey, Khalid played with various bands covering a wide spectrum of Eastern and Western music numbers. He has two albums to his name and he is not very proud of them. In addition to his bass playing, he is an avid yodeller. Just kidding!!!
He is a diverse musician with the deep-rooted drive to entertain and a disturbing ability to shape-shift when no one is looking. He has bass running in his funk and soul.
Khalid is loved by both; animals and people.

Amro Hawari

Drums and band chameleon 

Amro is a multi-talented established musician with a knack for charming people with his pleasant presence and eccentric humor. 

Playing guitars throughout his “Most of Us” life, Amro had to take on drums as a stress relief. His passion for the beat runs in his veins as he has managed to drive the band performance through its various styles with total command and fluency. 

When Amro is not jamming with the band or prophesying the end of the world, he can be found vaping happily at home in his personal music studio among his guitars.

Amer Abbas

Keyboards and philosophizing

Amer is a seasoned classical musician. With a masters degree in music from Berkley’s, his tunes offer the glue that binds the entire band performance. His academic background and International experience made Amir the band preacher. Amer is a multi-talented individual and his knowledge and skill make him a valuable member of any major musical project.

Handle Amer at your own risk!

In a music note!

Most of Us is a Saudi based band. And just in case you are wondering, yes there is music and bands in Saudi. With members drawn from different walks of life and one passion, Most of Us has survived countless near-death experiences only to emerge stronger each time.

Their influences are as ancient as music itself. Legends such as The Rolling Stones, Beatles, Grand Funk, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Ray Vaughan, yes and many other old farts have shaped their music and performance. For the sake of being up to date, the band had to explore new musical titles such as Bruno Mars and Charlie Puth and they loved it!

Most of Us offer its listeners and audience alike, an energetic music experience that fuses the richness of their different cultures and backgrounds into a musical cuisine that satisfies all your senses.

When the band is not writing music or soul searching, they play live at select locations and for select crowds.


  • So High

  • Africa

    Toto Cover
  • Rastaman live-up

    Bob Marley Cover
  • Saudi women driving (cover) - (اختاه ستقودين السيارة ـ (فيديو كليب

    Steppenwolf Cover
  • Most of Us (I'm your captain) live cover

    Grand Funk Railroad Cover
  • جات السينما - فيديو كليب Cinema in saudi - Most Of Us



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Don’t hesitate to drop us a line for any information or just to say hi by pressing the button!

In loving memory of

Islam “Izzy” Abujbara

1974 – 2014

Brother, best friend, drummer and an extraordinary human being

A wonderful man and an amazing drummer. Izzy’s punctuality was what the band timed their watches too. He was a curios musician who constantly explored new realms of musical structures. Izzy was the heartbeat of the band and the driving groove. He was humble and well-mannered.

You will always be in our hearts and prayers Izzy!